The Confidence Chronicles – #5 – Fifth and Final

Youer Than You 1

Confidence 101

Know yourself and you will win all battles. – Sun Tzu

Know Yourself


Get to know yourself:  Look at and/or determine your likes and dislikes.  Know your values.  Live by a positive, guiding code that speaks to you.  For a cool and refreshing change, put away the negativity and focus on your positive, unique qualities.  Get to know your good qualities and sharpen them like a sword. Gain knowledge about and experience with the things you’re interested in and wonderful at, and watch your confidence, and happiness, flourish.

Gain Control of Yourself: One big part of confidence is dominion over the self.  When you start and practice being true to who you are, dominion will become much easier.  It’s living a life anathema to your true self and focusing on negativity that creates discord and eventual illness – mental, physical, and spiritual.  Focus on SOLVING the problem, not the problem or on ‘should’s.’ Calm down, and KEEP IT TOGETHER.  Have a CAN DO attitude. And don’t be critical of yourself to others. Don’t talk behind your back about yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Ask yourself what a trust advisor would gently encourage you to do.  What would you do for someone else that trusted you completely?  Then DO THAT for yourself:  Mind, body and soul.

Confidence is the belief in one’s abilities. Know yourself and gain knowledge.  Believe in yourself to learn, problem solve, and do the right thing for yourself and others, and success will be yours in whatever you choose.

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