Shoulds II

Should Campaign 2 Cheese and whine July 2016

It SHOULD be THIS way!  (Shooouuuld it?)

Whenever you have this feeling – the crook and/or stamp the foot feeling – it means that you’re resisting something and you THINK something or someone should be another way.  Stop, drop and roll.   The most important thing to know is that you’re making yourself look terrible

After making sure the oxygen mask is secure, ask yourself what you can control and/or change right now?  You can control your THOUGHTS  – about a person, place, or situation – RIGHT NOW.  From this position of strength, move forward and;

  1. Keep it together.
  2. Look at the situation.
  3. Keep it together.
  4. LOOK at the situation again and accept that it IS happening – Work with what is. GET OVER that it SHOULDN’T be happening, because it IS.
  5. Take it easy.
  6. See what you can change including and foremost your THINKING. (Pull the lever on any negative freight trains to hellish/destructive thinking, it truly doesn’t help anything.  No, really, it doesn’t.)
  7. Develop a positive plan even if it’s ‘just’ changing your thinking, your location, and/or your severely infantile actions.
  8. ACTIVATE the plan and DO IT.
  9. Seriously, activate the plan and do it.


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