Wash That Chaos Right Out


Meditation is the chaos cleaner – cleaning the chaos from the chakras, the body, the spirit, and the mind.  Increased cognitive and perceptive ability, psychological effects such as a sense of well-being and relaxation, increased academic and work performance, decreased physical and mental illness, and general satisfaction in life are just some of the remarkable benefits that can be yours!  Simply doing something as easy as sitting quietly and focusing can help clean, heal, and maintain you and your chakras, allowing you to enjoy the fullest and most enjoyable life you choose.

Be it simple or ‘sophisticated,’ the commonality among the diverse forms and techniques of meditation is to focus the mind on ONE thing, pointing the mind exclusively in one direction.  In normal, waking consciousness our mind flies to many things from moment to moment.  Each technique – be it visual, sound, or other – is designed to be a focusing device for the mind, to redirect it from its standard, unrelenting torrent of chaotic consciousness.

Technique comes down to how you feel and what will work for you.  You don’t have to levitate off the floor to find benefit from meditating, but consistent practice does, as always, yield the best results.  Even a few minutes thinking about/focusing on something, like a candle flame, or even focusing on and considering each chakra color, will benefit you.  Focusing on anything but negativity will help your life in general.

BUT KNOW THIS:  The ego will bombard your mind with thoughts about trivia, couponing, the color red, bills, traffic circles, social faux pas, chores, wi-fi speeds, eyebrow care, conflicts, war, celebrity drivel, your bodily flaws, or anything else it can to get you off the path of peace and positivity.

It’s important not to fight the ego or get angry with it. Anger just fuels the ego by giving it reality and power.  The ego is nothing more than a frightening illusion.

If you have a distracting and/or fearful thought while meditating, only notice it, without judgment, and then release it.  You can release it by visualizing the fearful thought being encased in carbon, taken away to the outer reaches of the galaxy, and obliterated.  Or, you can visualize shining your inner, brilliant, Divinely powered spotlight on the fearful thought, and watch it vanish.

No matter the meditation technique, repetition and concentration of this simple act will only increase the benefits to you.  It is a discipline, and like any other discipline becomes easier with practice, but a relaxing and enjoyable discipline, that’s worth incorporating into your life.

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