Poisons of the Chakras

Beware tricksters – Monkey-wrenchers and educators to the chakras.  The following conceptual/symbolic, rather than demonic, elements are in themselves poison, but if we can identify and use/transcend them, they will challenge us to develop and strengthen, rather than shrink, the corresponding chakra:

  • Chakar 1 – Fear: Arises when one’s very life, existence, and basic needs, when one’s survival is threatened.
  • Chakra 2 – Guilt: Keeps us from reaching out, hindering emotional and sexual ties with others.
  • Chakra 3 – Shame: Hinders naturalness, confidence, and personal power, turning one’s will and power upon themselves.
  • Chakra 4 – Grief: Hinders the love and lightness of the heart, leaving a heavy burden on one’s persona.
  • Chakra 5 – Lies: Misinformation that hinders our relationship to oneself, others and the world.
  • Chakra 6 – Illusion: Looking at things mistakenly, not seeing the whole picture, and seeing only what we want to see hampers our awareness.
  • Chakra 7 – Attachment: Holding on to the meaningless and focusing all of one’s attention/energy obsessively can obscure the big picture and hinder our relationship with the universe.

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