Attitude – Test Positive For One

Like attracts like, whether you’re sick of the saying or not, is true.  Your negative attitude is attracting negative circumstances, manipulative people, bad luck, mechanical meltdowns and much more, too much, to mention, like a death’s-head moth to a flame (hint: you’re the flame).  You become a homing beacon for the HMS Humiliations Galore.  YOU (and, newsflash, really ONLY YOU) are literally, figuratively, and in most all other ways making your own life harder for yourself.   A negative attitude and the unexpected, highly unpleasant consequences it brings make LIFE HARDER.  Instead of experiencing just momentary pain, you suffer, again and again, prolonging that pain through self-sabotage – like excessive anger, running away, addictions, and settling for waaaay less than you deserve within and/or keeping toxic interpersonal relationships.  Or you ruminate much too much and excessively, stranding you in the past, to stagnate and mire you in a swirling, viscous and vicious depression-and-blame-flavored bisque, with no gluten-free life boat, or ring, in site.   A negative attitude is a weed that will permeate and affect ALL areas of your life, IF YOU LET IT.

With a negative attitude, chaos seeks you out, FINDS you faster and slaps you harder across the face, bad luck stalks you; you’re more likely to get the slow, bad attitude, Smartphone French–kissing, czar of all social media, food server drench you in dressing and shame you for a good tip because, “It’s 15 percent no matter what kinda job I do,”; or the ninja like reflexes and Formula One speeds of the nonagenarian idling in front of you in 95 degree heat, sickening traffic, with your AC on the fritz; or the siren song of the steaming canine divot to your shoe; or the 50/50 bet on red and black coming up not just goose egg green, but double goose egg green.  For a more complete, poetic, and melodic, with subtle hints of yodel, listing, please see ‘Ironic,’ by Ms. Alanis Morissette.

The schadenfreude -like, puerile, momentary sciomachies and flights of fantasy – staring you, self pity, cynicism and the world – aint great for you.  The journey and end result isn’t going to be all ease and adolescent Emo glamour as, say, succumbing to some super cool, but super not painful disease, with friends and loved ones reverently, quietly, and hopefully not so quietly, weeping, asking, “Why, God, why do the pure and beautiful ones dye young!?!,” while slipping away painlessly, peacefully, and gracefully on a champagne-coloured, satin-covered four post bed, perfectly coiffed, wearing a flowing gossamer silk confection with trumpets blaring, and the famous ruby encrusted express escalator to heaven appearing to you through a cotton candy portal, would be.  Your negative attitude, and the continued feeding of it, won’t allow it, at the very least.

Get a hold of yourself – You’re giving to yourself what you DON’T want.  Don’t let your negative attitude or anger, or whatever destructive thing that’s weeding itself through you, control, blind and manipulate you.  YOU CONTROL YOU.

DEAL with things – you might “deal with things,” from such places as;

  • Strength – BTB, EVERYONE has it and CAN muster it –  find your motivation to do so, be proud of yourself for even attempting to be brave and manufacture that strength for more than two seconds, before excusing yourself to the bathroom to vomit because you’ve cried your eyes out and into luft balloons),
  • Confidence –  Even faking it till you make it is flexing this muscle.  But continue on and have,
  • Faith – Not in the snake charming, devil-be-gone way (no offense) , but in whatever and whoever you believe that can give you a modicum of peaceful, helping, positive and healing strength.  It’s what you can call on – The Universe, God, Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any other positive, peaceful, sincerely revered deity or way of life that helps to guide you in a positive direction and,
  • Hope – It’s a lot better an alternative than…not having it.  Dystopia is really cold, and 50 shades of drear.

Be firm with your own needs in a constructive manner, taking care not to create more resentment or anger, while respecting, and not trampling on, the needs of others.  And it- your shiny, bright, new positive (or at least NOT NEGATIVE) attitude – will become easier to achieve and maintain over time, like a muscle being flexed, bringing you the joy and good that you do TRULY deserve.

Remember the old saying:  Merde in, merde out.

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