Not Just a Led Zeppelin Album


Being present means exercising your own conscious choice to focus on the moment, and what IS, right now.  Being present helps you to focus with a positive, productive strength on what actually IS, which, is whatever you or the universe decides that should be from one moment to the next:  From taking a nice relaxing soak to dealing with the flaming brown paper bag at your front door.  This is being present.

If you find, however, that you mainly live in your limiting past and/or tend to be waiting for your perfect future, do yourself a favor and SKIP THE RECORD.  Curtail the old, hopeless and predictable dirges about your past, and future, and discover a positive, toe tapping, uplifting, and catchy jingle to fill your head in the present, where you live.

Grab and vigorously shake yourself before taking that left down Melancholy Lane, heading with James Dean-like break-neck speed to the intersections of Resentment Blvd and Regret Highway.  Distract yourself from the Turkish delights in the self-imposed Green Room of Life and stop watching everyone else ‘go on’ instead.  Stop waiting there, impotent, impatient, procrastinating and fearful, until your ‘perfect life’ is finally ready for you to live (with no thanks to, or involvement from, you).  You’ll know when you veer off the path of presence – Becoming easily distracted, bored, impatient, easily annoyed, and eventual anger to the point of opening a Fight Club franchise, are just some indicators that you may not be living in the present moment.

Life is NOW.  Be present with the present in the present, presently.  It’s where you are.

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