The 12 Laws of Karma (1-6)

The 12 Laws of Karma

Contrary to popular belief, karma is not something to be feared.   You CAN work with karma. You CAN coexist with it! This is where the 12 Laws of Karma come in.

Karma shouldn’t induce shuddering, nervous tension, sweating, and avoidance. If it does, you may have a history of and currently be working against, some of these Laws of Karma.  Remember: Knowledge is Power!

This doesn’t mean you have to be a 15th degree black belt at Karmic theory overnight, either. You can gain benefit by just monitoring your thoughts, see which ones may no longer be serving you and might, in fact, be working against and sabotaging you.   Don’t react from your gut and throw anger, blame, and a good flogging at yourself, others or the universe – It truly ONLY serves to keep you miserable and impotent in the karmic quagmire that is Crybabyland. Respond instead, and refreshingly, with deliberation and informed reflection. Work with these laws toward a positive and successful SOLUTION, rather than against, resulting in a negative, reactionary, undesirable outcome, or, more of what you don’t want.

If you’re happy, healthy, and content – congratulations! You’ve befriended the Karmic Laws!



This is the Law of Cause and Effect. Every action, thought, word, deed, etc. generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind.  Happy in the out box, happy in the in box. You can literally keep it going for yourself, you’re your own generator.   Look how well you generate negative thoughts!

I think (cause) angry thoughts – a lot – therefore I am (feel/project/behave/LIVE) angry – a lot – and my life, relationships, job and demeanor (effect) become angry and negative by association . They HAVE to. It’s like a bad apple – it will ruin the bunch unless you remove it. Your life isn’t going to be sunshine, nor your social calendar full, if Vicki Vitriol is your name and hissing your native tongue. It’s NOT going to follow like that, unless, maybe, it’s a showbiz schtick.


This is not a static universe and it prefers evolution to de-evolution. As such, and being part of and one with this universe, we PARTICIPATE to bring about an outcome. From within, so without. YOU are creating your reality. Whether you’re an active, effective participant or not determines what you get. Take a look at the things around you – YOU CREATED all of it. Health, wealth, relationships, everything in your life YOU’VE created. Deliberate or not, decisive or in-decision, it’s still a choice. Don’t be at the whim of life or karma, reacting from circumstance to circumstance, but a conscious co-pilot, choosing your reality.


This also might be called the Law of Acceptance. Change what you can, accept what you can’t, and then let it go. Don’t become what you’re fighting against or abhor. Do you know why this happens? Because you’re concentrating on the offense with SO MUCH anger, disgust, and negativity, for instance, that not only are you generating it for yourself, but the universe is too, giving you negative, angry and frustrating circumstances and people in return. You literally asked for it – What you resist persists. You are RESISTING something, with intense emotion, giving all of your energy to it, that you start to become it to condemn it. OF COURSE it’s going to continue for you! Instead, focus your energies onto happiness, success, and JOY, not the bad stuff.

Leave it to Friedrich Nietzsche to flesh out the detail: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


The only person we truly have any control over is ourselves – What we think, feel and do. We may have been conditioned by family or society to react or think a certain way, but no one can make us feel a certain way unless we ALLOW THEM. We only have control over ourselves, and how we react. For us to grow, and to change, because that’s what everything in the universe does, we have start WITHIN first. There is no other way to lasting change.


The Law of Creation states, ‘from within, so without.’ The Law of Responsibility states that you have to step up to the plate you just created, and realize that YOU did this. Take responsibility – for the bad, AND the good. No one forced you to eat your emotions, that’s what you chose to do. No one forced you to be a milquetoast in your bid for approval, that was ALL you! No one else did this but you! Don’t go furiously looking around your life for someone or something to blame. The only person the ‘Sally Sadsack,’ bit is affecting is you- and it’s diluting and undermining all of your power. Take it back, have CONTROL over yourself. You’re the best person to swab the deck – you made the mess.


EVERYTHING in the universe is connected. The Butterfly Effect is one example of this. EVERY step is needed, important, and must be taken to reach the next one in order to accomplish a particular task.  Our past, present, and future are all connected.   It’s the journey – and the thousand little ones we take each day – that comprise our experience. Life is a journey, comprised of countless little steps and connections that all make a difference to our life, journey and experience. Causing change to one step or connection, has lasting and ripple effects – good or bad. Make a conscious choice.

Karmic Laws 7 through 12 next time.


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