The 12 Laws of Karma 7-12

KARMIC LAWS 7-12  (1-6 here)


The Law of Focus brings about your reality, present and future, by virtue of your energy directed on something.  Because the law of focus states that you can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, if you’re predominantly focused on negative things – news, people, situations, etc. – it’s only going to bring more of it to you.

Focus means shifting your awareness, not popping a blood vessel through sheer concentration.  Focus is being aware – To make the conscious decision and choice to focus on, shift to, and embrace the positive, and all the benefits that come with it.


What you give out freely, with selflessness, will come back to you.   It’s about the flow of the universe, from, through, and back to you.  As with every other law, if you’re stingy or greedy, THAT’s what you will experience.  And if you’re giving to someone only to get something back – aka USING someone – THAT will be what you experience as well.  What we claim to believe must manifest into our actions. We can’t be forced – either by others or our own selfishness – to GIVE to someone, and expect it to come back to us in clover and honey.  The energy is just not there.

And watch what you believe, because YOU WILL be called upon to ACT on it at some point.  If you believe something, but have never done, nor do you ever see yourself actually doing it, then it might be time to rethink that belief, or step down from the hypocritical pedestal you’re on.  If you’re not genuinely giving, joyful, and/or loving THAT state WILL NOT be something that you experience, no matter how many people try to force lollipops on you.  The flowing universe knows what you put in, you can’t fake it and expect a gold rush, on any level.  You’re actions must reflect your beliefs, otherwise they’re rote, with no real benefit to anyone, least of all yourself.

BTW, your life may not necessarily be negative, but ‘meh,’ is also a state, and one that IS chosen.


This law is similar to #6, in that the universe is not a static place, and REALLY likes evolving change.  And the Universe WILL change – with or without you and your permission.

History repeats unless changed.  It will repeat, to your dismay, until you finally learn the lesson you need to and then apply it (change) to your life.  Apply it HABITUALLY, just as you’ve habitually applied negative thinking to get you where you are.   This conscious and sustained positive change leads to a momentum of lasting, healthy, and happy change in your life.


Staying in the past, and looking to your future, perhaps with less than optimistic eyes, is totally negating where life actually happens, which is the present moment.  The here and right now.  The time being.  This instant.  For the nonce.  This is the show folks.

Living in the past, perhaps with regret and pain, prevents us from changing what we can – the present.  The OLD thinking and behaviours will give us nothing more than more of the old.  Say it with me now… more of what we don’t want.  Stay and work in the present – it’s really the only place where things happen.  Work toward developing positive, new, productive and successful solutions rather than relying on your go-to nonconstructive, unhelpful, pessimistic, and rickety old thinking models and ways of being.


Just as you habituated a crappy attitude, which took some time, habituating a positive attitude is going to take some time too.  Unless proficient in self-hypnosis or the Imperio curse, it’s not going to appear for you instantaneously.  Even though patience may not be your middle name, lasting and real change will and does take some time, if for no other reason than the time it may take you to absorb and understand  it, which is different for everyone.  The good news is that habituating better ways of being and thinking will become easier over TIME.

Through (joyful) work, persistence, and present awareness, in whatever endeavor you choose, one can see and enjoy life for the journey it is, rather than gritting your teeth and making a dash toward the end result.


The point to and significance of something is determined by YOU.   Whatever you have put INTO something, you will get back.  (Much like every Karmic law on this list).  Your loving energy and passion, and the resulting contribution from that joyful union, bring life and inspiration to the Whole.

Your thoughts and actions will decide the course of an exchange and its response – good or bad.  How many times have you gone into a situation, ‘loaded for bear,’ only to have it go completely wonky?  People, generally, will react to you the way you react to them.  Not many people are walking enlightenment, providing the other cheek for you to slap.  Put simply, if you’re pissy, they/the situation/outcome is, more than likely, going to be pissy.  Yes, it IS cliché, but there is a reason – because it’s true and good advice:  Treat others how you want to be treated.


The 12 Laws of Karma are all similar to each other, but each has important distinctions and detail that make for a more complete picture to better understand and work with them.  Again, these laws shouldn’t be fearful enemies, but helpful and consistent friends in your life, or, at least, good acquaintances…   You can affect real change for yourself by considering how these laws may have effected your life, perhaps in not so stellar ways, and taking back your own power by using this knowledge and working WITH them, rather than feeling at their whim.

If, however, you take only one thing away from Karma and all of its fun little by- laws, this should be it:  YOU REAP, WHAT YOU SOW.


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