Feeling Like Mr. Magoo

Even when the path is blurry  keep walking it, keep crawling it, keep skipping down it, keep jogging down it, but always and just, keep going.  Doubt coming in?  Great!  It means you’re consciously thinking, and choosing, where the H you want to go!  It’s YOUR path and if you think about it, somehow, somewhere you know that something is guiding you to the path of where you want to go, if only you’d listen.  If it’s blurry, or grown over, or needs a detour, it’s still YOUR path and you have to keep on keeping on, even if scared merde-less.

If you can clearly, and securely, see the path in front of you, it’s most likely NOT your path.  Even if it’s a demonstrable ‘tried and true’ path, it’s ultimately someone else’s path that’s been cut, bricked, and paved over by others.  Now, you may ascribe to a particular paths principal in order to get you to YOUR ultimate goal, but that CLEARLY laid out step by step process or avenue is not YOUR PATH.  Your path is YOUR path, able to be cut by no one else other than you.  If it looks grown over, or blurry, then start cutting your way through again.  And then again, if you have to.  Just keep going.

There are certain signposts along the way that can help guide you in the right direction, however.  Try to be aware of what the universe, and yourself, is telling you.

Only some of the many positive signposts:

  • Feeling joy
  • The past stays in the past/behind you, and you’re looking forward to the future.
  • You know you control your own happiness, and can find it through yourself, not others.
  • You’re excitedly accountable for your life. You know you, and only you, have the power to change it.
  • Things tend to flow.

Only some of the many negative signposts:

  • You cry… a lot.
  • Acute and recurring illnesses. Your immune system is weak.
  • Resentment is your name, and recrimination your native tongue.
  • Rude people. Like does attract like.
  • Tendency to encounter more than usual roadblocks.

Others have their own path, and although you may walk together often, others don’t generally have a tandem bike, ready to take on other people, let alone themselves.  YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH A BLURRY PATH.  Everyone has to keep going, even, and especially when, the going gets tough or the path is uncertain at times.

It’s YOUR path and you DO get to choose it.  Choose, and exclusively focus, on the path that will bring you home to joy.


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