Blind Fury

August 2017 Mercury Retrograde:  A powder keg.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is VERY emotional and powerful since Mercury Retrograde occurs in the sign it rules over, Virgo.  In addition, we have a full eclipse that’s adding jet fuel to the already raging inferno.

The theme for this Mercury Retrograde?  EMOTIONS, and lots of them.   And not the ‘good’ ones either.  Fear, insecurity, mistrust, suspicion, lying, deception, betrayal, fraud and adultery are just some of the negative emotions that may arise, with a vengeance, during this period, particularly in relationships and financial areas.   You may experience major and important events during this period that could change your thinking on relationships and your sense of self.  Take great care what you do and say during this period – powder kegs are rarely good for anything except obliteration.

Because Mercury Retrograde is a (generally great) time to REVISIT old, unprocessed, or uncompleted things, you may very well experience bouts of negative thinking or emotions, centering on and pulling you back to times, people, and places where these emotions were and/or are strong, even if you feel you’ve healed it and moved on.  (Which, I’m sad to say, you haven’t.)  You may find yourself revisiting old wounds, and getting angry, hurt, and indignant all over again.  BE CAREFUL.  Don’t give in to the negative emotions and feelings, as this illusionary, self validating ‘heroin’ can snowball, become a repetitive pattern, and way of being.  Think of this as Mercury’s little lesson in self control and patience for you to practice.  I know, what isn’t…

This cloudy, biased, and confused thinking only increases the chance of miscommunication and relationship problems. Beware of lies, deceit, duplicity, gossip and scandal.  This is a bad time for making any important decisions and plans.  MR is always, generally, a bad time for making (new) decisions and/or plans, but because the theme to THIS MR is fear, confusion, mistrust, etc., it makes for a quadruple whammy.  Chances are ANY decisions made now will be severely compromised, need major revisions, and be based upon FEARFUL, deceptive, and suspicious thinking. Think about your reactions and if it will serve you to fly off the handle. What are the consequences of that?

Try to keep calm and go in with your ‘Sword of Love’ drawn, ready to chop down fearful rhetoric and action, exposing the truth.  Keep yourself under control and emotions in check, as even a little slip could devolve into a landslide.  It’s hard enough to keep yourself calm, but when you have retrograde pressure, everyone is going to feel it.  Patience with yourself and others will stave off or avert untold misunderstandings and sufferings down the road.  And watch spending.  Resist the impulse to buy.

As a general reminder, Mercury rules over communication, commerce, and logistics: speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, mail, shipping, etc.  All of these areas of life are affected in some way and to some extent when Mercury is in retrograde (backwards, reversed) three times a year.  Prepare by giving yourself extra time, backing up all data you don’t want to say valediction to, and generally keeping it together when things go wrong.   Especially this Mercury Retrograde, decision-making is compromised, so try not to sign any contracts, engage in important decision-making, or launch something new, like a business or even relationship. Delays and challenges are highly probable when Mercury is in retrograde, so have extra patience and know that this too shall (eventually) pass.

The Mercury retrograde phase is just one part of the Mercury retrograde cycle. The whole cycle includes Mercury going direct, retrograde for three weeks, then direct again.  The two direct phases on either side of the retrograde period are called the shadow periods, and last for about two weeks on either end.  Care is necessary as these shadow periods can also wreak havoc, but to a much lesser degree.

Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to revisit and retrench.  No need to suspend anything, just don’t START something.  If you do start something new, chances are it will require ‘fixing,’ repair or revisiting at some point in the not too distant future, or again in three months time at the next Mercury Retrograde.

DO NOT make ANY rash or major decisions about relationships or money!!  And REALLY don’t make any major purchases or start/modify/end a relationship. Think everything through and then wait some more!  Watch what you say to people and how you react to them because we’re ALL going through this, not just Planet You.  Though you may want to, and there might be heat in the moment, PLEASE DO NOT BLURT OUT THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND, it’s going to be impaired. Expect, at best, oafish clown.  At worst, Franny Fracas, Donald Donnybrook, Erin Eruption, Felicia Fisticuffs, AND Reginald Rumble all rolled into one.

So FYI, if you’re experiencing more dithering capriciousness, anger, mistrust, mystification, and/or apathy of your own, you should also expect to enjoy it from other people and situations too.  The buzz word for this Mercury Retrograde is EMOTION.  And, surprise, surprise the buzz word for every Mercury Retrograde is:  PATIENCE.

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