Mind Your Own Business

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.                         -Socrates

You can’t BUILD anything for yourself when all you’re focused on is the old, the crappy, and all you don’t want in life, which is exactly what you’re getting because you’re focused on it.  The old, that’s driven you to even CONTEMPLATE the dreaded ‘C’ word:  CHANGE.  No one likes change – even if you initiate it.  It may be scary, you’re going to make mistakes, and you won’t have blueprints most of the time, but it’ll be YOUR life and agenda you’re building.  Not subcontracting, at a pretty shitty rate, on someone else’s half-assed construction job, with very little benefit or acknowledgment.

When you start to exclusively focus on BUILDING the new for yourself – using your own talents, interests, and the fuel to every fire, passion – the old, the anger, and the insert blank shitty emotion will, at the very least, severely diminish.  The kicker is that you gotta keep building though.  Keep going.  Keep focusing on the new, the good.  It’s MUCH harder to stop and try to start again.  Take it from Fannie Flagger Force here.  As it turns out, Newton was on to something with his first law of motion.  An object at rest wants to stay at rest.  Similarly, an object that’s in motion, tends to want to stay in motion.  It’s all about the FORCE exerted on each object.  Good or bad.  Basically, it’s a pain in the ass getting something going, but maintenance is all it takes once you do.

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