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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect.  See what that says?  PRACTICE makes perfect.

Most things need practice.  Unless you were a child savant, you probably didn’t know how to talk until you practiced enough.  You practiced HEARING it, and then speaking it.  It was the same with learning how to walk and it’s the same with MOST things.  Those people that you believe possess all the patience in the world actually CHOSE patience over, let’s say, losing complete control on someone.  Could patience have been an inherent part of their personality?  Sure, but the point is they CHOOSE to practice and strengthen that quality.  They habituate patience (or strength or faith or forgiveness or gratitude or insert blank positive and life affirming quality), and it becomes part of their repertoire.

Trust in the universe.  Trust in the universe and trust in yourself that your life and agenda will flow from your positive outlook and right action.  Trust in the universe and yourself to know that you possess the inner and outer strength to deal with anything.  Trust in yourself to act when the universe presents opportunity for your dreams to come true.  Have faith and confidence in yourself to try again, if at first you don’t succeed.  Your dreams and life are as worthy as everyone else’s dreams and life.  Have faith in yourself to TRY.

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