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Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual practice is like bathing, you have to do it regularly, or otherwise everything starts to stink.

That’s, at least, part of the reason why a lot of religions have an ‘attendance policy.’  Most people have to be reminded fairly regularly until it becomes a habit, and even then, it’s a habit to make it a habit.  They habituate ways of being, including practicing their ‘faith,’ ‘religion,’ ‘path,’ ‘way,’ or whatever resonates with them.   Others may disagree, but there’s no one right way, only the right way for YOU.

Make spiritual ‘hygiene’ a priority.  It will pay you back tenfold, just in your day to day life alone.  Resonating at a more positive vibe will bring more positive things to you, just by the laws of nature.  It’s something that takes CONTINUED practice, effort, and commitment, but well worth ALL the benefits.  And I’m not talking about living like an Hermetic monk either.  (No offense intended whatsoever to Hermetic Monks, but it IS a strident way of life.)

Find something that speaks to YOU, even if you have to cobble it together from different ‘sources.’ (Something that doesn’t promote any type of violence against others, is a good start.)   Practice it, and see where it can take you internally and externally.

We were born with the capacity to love, but we learned to hate.  So, love, really, is our default.  Hate, fear, and anger are the weeds that creep into life.  And weeds need to be pulled, they need to be dealt with, BY YOU, because it’s YOUR OWN hate, fear, and anger, no matter who you ‘caught it’ from.   Take that first step in responsibility and OWN IT, or it WILL OVERTAKE AND CHOKE EVERYTHING in your life, leaving you with NOTHING but hate, anger, and fear.  Unless that’s your end goal, practice your own positive spiritual beliefs and codes for living to bring you the level of love, peace, abundance, luck, and joy you’d like, and deserve, in this life.

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