Copy of a Copy of a Copy

Be the ORIGINAL.  Don’t be a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, etc.  Trying to produce yourself based upon anothers version of their copy of a copy dilutes the ‘spirit’ in each individual, becoming and evolving, being and using those UNIQUE gifts of each, to know itself.

“It’s more of a guideline, really…”  Yes, learn from others but don’t BE THEM or follow THEIR path.  Look at tradition, history, ancestors, peers, etc and take what’s good and useful to you and incorporate it into YOUR path.  It’s really a lot easier just to be yourself and to know the parts good and bad – ALL of it.  You can work on what matters then. You may have been ‘given’ a map, a guideline, to the road ahead from elders/religion, but it doesn’t mean you can’t off road or crisscross other maps, or make your own.

Copy of a copy – you try and copy someone who doesn’t have all the information, or may have even misinterpreted the information. Study and imitation is fine for learning, and to learn from others mistakes, but YOU have to be your original copy or else it’s just a faded reproduction, and an act that will be hard to keep up, until it eventually erupts in not great ways.

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