When Life Hands You Lemons & Sugar

National Lemonade Day – August 20th

From Checkiday.com:
National Lemonade Day is dedicated to the refreshing summer drink. Lemons and sugarcane are both native to India, so it is likely that the modern drink is derived from a drink Indians drank called nimbu pani. Traditional or cloudy lemonade is popular in the United States, and consists of lemons and a sweetener, usually sugar. Pink lemonade adds flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, or other fruits to the mix, and it is rumored it was invented by a man who accidentally dropped cinnamon candies into his lemonade. Another form of lemonade is clear lemonade, which is popular in the United Kingdom, and it is more like a soft drink. It is many times used with beer to make shandy, and as a base for mixed drinks. While lemonade can be healthy because of its vitamin C content, the high level of sweeteners that are used to make it tends to negate its health benefits.

National Lemonade Day is observed next on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019. It has always been observed annually on August 20th.

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