You Have The Right, What You Lack Is The Ability

You Have the Right to Remain Silent, What You Lack is the ABILITY.

Stop the hating, stop the excuses, stop feeling sorry for yourself, just stop. And get ON with it. Get out of the negative head space – how do YOU do this, Dear Reader? And by ‘Dear Reader,’ I mean me and I pose this question to…me. It’ll be ever changing and evolving – just as your negative thinking and behavior have been!

But what can, at least, get your mind off of things? For me, it’s READING. DLS – (Dirty Little Secret) – I LOVE romance novels. They are PURE FICTION and I love it – I lose myself in it. And I get a little less negative in return, because, at the very least, I’ve not been negative for a couple of hours. I haven’t stoked that fire and it’s intensity has faded, a bit – If you can’t be positive, at least don’t be negative.

You HAVE to focus on the positives in your life – or you will drown in the negatives, no matter how SHALLOW or deep they are. You’re alone among many? Guess what? Welcome to the club! No one cares about you? Guess what? Welcome to the club! You HAVE to play a bad hand WELL. Use ALL the tools and skills AT YOUR DISPOSAL and learn/get some new ones too. It will only serve you, and those YOU deem worthy.

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