The ‘Self Control with Spock’ Hour

Self control is knowing when enough is enough, and too much is plenty.   You didn’t just start complaining or being angry or overeating or being generally negative overnight, you PRACTICED at it for long enough that it became a habit, and part of who you are.

Many people and religions have even left guideposts as reminders.  One of those guideposts are The Seven Deadly Sins.  They are, in large part, about BALANCE.  Have they been contorted and used for others personal gain?  Of course, anything good can be used for bad and anything bad can be used for good, but the message about balance, and becoming what is destructive to you, is there.  Interestingly, humans need some sort of enticement that’s not immediate gratification.  This may be where the concept of ‘sin’ was employed to ‘motivate’ us to a more balanced life, physically and spiritually.  For our own good of course…

Self control takes PRACTICE.  Start yours today!

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