Feldman. Wrongway Feldman.

Wrongway Feldman * – Gilligan’s Island – 1964

Mercury Retrograde: July 7 – July 31 2019

­Mercury retrograde July 2019, in prideful Leo, is very intense and combative, with egos and tempers flaring all over the place, due to its conjunct with Mars and square with Uranus, bringing a dangerously provocative impulsivity to things.  Watch your thinking and don’t snap to rash judgments or decisions – the potential for losing your temper and getting in arguments is very high now.

As a general reminder, Mercury rules over communication, commerce, and logistics: speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, mail, shipping, etc.  All of these areas of life are affected in some way and to some extent when Mercury is in retrograde (backwards, reversed) three times a year.  Prepare by giving yourself extra time, backing up all data you don’t want to say goodbye to, and generally calming down when things go wrong.   Decision-making is compromised during Mercury retrograde, so try not to sign any contracts, engage in important decision-making, or launch something new, like a business or even relationship. Delays and challenges are highly probable when Mercury is in retrograde, so have extra patience and know that this too shall (eventually) pass.

Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to revisit and retrench.  No need to suspend anything, just don’t START something.  If you do start something new, chances are it will require ‘fixing,’ repair or revisiting at some point in the not too distant future.

DO NOT make ANY rash or major decisions about relationships or money!!  And REALLY don’t make any major purchases or start/modify/end a relationship. Think everything through and then wait some more!  Watch what you say to people and how you react to them because we’re ALL going through this, not just Planet You.

Mercury retrograde July 2019 requires mindfulness, patience and most importantly impulse control. Pick ALL of your battles carefully and avoid making any spur-of-the-moment decisions. Acting recklessly with little regard for consequences could lead to great disorder and/or conflict.

* Wrongway Feldman was a (fictional) World War I pilot, who had a reputation for going the wrong way, even bombing his own airfield, thus his nickname; he was considered the most incompetent airman there ever was, or at least pretending to be that incompetent. His first name is unrevealed.  He flew an old Bristol Scout biplane in the United States Army Air Corp during the war, and afterward, he acquired a second biplane known as The Spirit of the Bronx.

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