It’s Your Preference

YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE – LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, EMOTIONS, HEALTH, MONEY, ETC.  When you settle, which means taking second (or third or fourth) best, your life is going to reflect this, along with your attitude.  By taking less than what you really want and deserve, you slowly, but surely, deplete your own self worth, creating bitterness and anger in its wake.  And the only one to blame is you:  YOU are the one that SETTLED.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?  Generally, yes, if the juice is something you want and you’re so inclined.  You have to take the time and respect yourself enough to keep at what you want though.  Settling is like drinking watered down wine – it’s flavorless, doesn’t do much, leaves you wanting, and you really didn’t want to do it to begin with.  Settling is the EASY thing to do.  What’s not easy is living with it.

Don’t settle… Because you’re worth it!

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