First Instincts

Gentle reminder:  you reap what you sow… always and eventually.  Don’t poison your karma, in this life or the next; practice self control and steer your ship to calmer waters.  ACT, DON’T REACT.  You’re at everyone else’s mercy if all you do is REACT to people or situations.  Practice self control and take back your power.

You can’t control other people, just your reactions to them.  Everyone has gone through some trauma in their lives.  What they do with that is what defines them.  Are you going to get back up and act and live, or are you going to lay down and blame and wither?

As Jane Austen, through Jane Fairfax in Emma, says, “It is only weak characters who are determined that they will be unhappy forever.”

Try a little strength, even in how you think about things, and see where you can get you.

As a reminder until next time, just TAPSBE:

Think positively

Act positively

Pause if necessary

Solution focused (not focused on the problem!)

Be assertive (not aggressive or reactionary)

Experience your love, peace, joy, and success in life

Next time:  Self control – a lost art.

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